What Are The Different Fees Paid To Agents Versus Paid To Investors?

Selling your house gives you money-right? But do you know, you almost always do not get the full value for your house; this deduction takes several forms which we will look at in this article as well as compare the the costs of investors and agents.

You just do not magically come across the buyer of your house; you take the services of some individual or agency for this.As they do not run on air, they will usually take a fee for selling your house for you.

Agents with their agent fees:

An agent acts as a middleman between you, the seller, and any potential buyer. To do this he uses various methods including advertising and listing.

For his service you have to pay some fees to the agent. Most probably you will pay a commission: a commission is certain percentage of the selling price of your house that goes to the agent, for a 4% commission on a house sold for a thousand dollars, 40 dollars will go to your agent as his commission.

It does not end here though, other fees can include advertising fees or there might be a fee to list your house, or there might be a fee to get a sign in front of your house…. The agent is under a legal obligation to tell you about his fees so be sure to ask him!

Investors with their minimal, if any, fees

Investors, unlike agents, will charge very little fees so you can get the most value out of your house. They handle all the costs needed to sell the house so you do not have to. Furthermore, since no advertising or listing of any kind of listing involved, the costs are minimal.

A hidden cost that eludes many sellers:

While an agent is in the process of finding a buyer for your house, you have to maintain your house yourself-this can include the bills for electricity, water and gas as well as property taxes you have to pay. So unconsciously you can lose a much bigger chunk of your house’s value than you first intended if you hire an agent. With investors and their closing times of within a week, this cost does not exist.

Agent or Investor? The right choice depends on what you want for your house and how quickly you want to sell it.

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