Things to Consider When Buying Historic Homes for Sale in Miami FL

historic homes for saleDespite being recognized for its wonderful beaches, Miami is actually home to different kinds of historic houses that were constructed in the early 1900s up to the mid-50s. Plus, the majority of these houses have been put on sale on the real estate market. You can easily buy one for yourself.  However, there are some things you need to consider before finally deciding on which historic homes for sale to purchase.

Original Historicism

You need to determine how much of the house’s original structure has been retained. You can check if some parts of the house have been renovated through the years, either full renovations or just some minor additions. Although these changes could have improved the house’s functionality, they could have changed the historic home’s original character.

The things that you need to check when you are thinking of buying historic homes for sale are the following:

  • Roof: The roof should be made of the authentic material of the time such as vintage Cuban tiles.
  • Flooring: The floor should be made of the materials of the time period such as hardwood, or embellished Cuban quarry tiles.
  • Bathrooms: All of the original fixtures and tile work should be retained.
  • Mill-work: You should check the baseboards or the cabinetry for any chips. Also, you need to check if the openings of the cabinets are still working.
  • Metal work: The metal work is oftenadorned on stairway railings as well as on the balcony’s ledges.
  • Stucco: This is the plaster that is architecturally placed between the interior, exterior walls, as well as the ceilings.
  • Fixtures: The lamps and the knobs should still be present inside the house. In fact, the light fixtures, especially the chandelier, if any, is the first thing a person notices once inside a historic house.

Bathroom Renovations

If there is anything you want to re-do with the bathrooms, you can visit other historic homes for sale in order to grasp what a historic house’s bathroom should look like without having to destroy the original historic look. If there is anything that needs to be changed with the plumbing, which will most likely be the case since historic houses make use of galvanized plumbing and pipes made of cast iron, you can still do so without having to tear out the house’s current finishes.

Importance of Home Inspection

You must also keep a keen eye for any structural flaws that are not easily seen right away. It is only normal to see hairline cracks on historic house’s floors and walls. You can easily install some structural reinforcements without removing the historic vibe. To ensure that the house retains its structural integrity, it is highly suggested that you hire a structural engineer to inspect the home first. It is through home inspection that you are able to identify most of the house’s problems, if not all of them.

Many people have become huge fans and lovers of historic homes today. However, they are not fully aware that these houses may need major renovations in order to be fully livable. Let this be your guide in helping you find out about the things that you need to consider when you are looking into purchasing a historic house of your own. Contact us now and we will gladly answer any questions you may have about historic homes and how to restore them.

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