What You Need To Know To Sell Your House Owner


Sell Your House Owner
Sell Your House Owner

A few days in the game and you will become aware of the fact that the housing market is very tough these days and selling your house without an agent will help you save a lot of money that would have otherwise gone into paying the agent his commission.

You’d save the money but you need to know one thing for sure. Selling your house yourself would be nothing short of a hassle and you need to be prepared to do a lot of legwork so that you can manage the sales processes, however, without any real guarantee that the ordeal you’re going through will finally sell your house.

But before you move on to the selling processes or do anything to sell your house owner, it is important that you ask yourself the following questions:

Do you know the value of your house in the current market?


All sell your house owners make a very common mistake. They cannot judge the price of their property and therefore often market their homes on a price that is very high and thus cannot attract buyers. And if the house is on the market without being sold for a very long time, buyers actually wonder what is wrong with the property and why it isn’t being sold. Therefore it is essential that you as a seller are able to judge the real value of your house and price is accordingly.

You should research the market and also get your house evaluated before you set a final price. You can dig up sales data that is available on public sources and checkout online real estate services that provide people with data about homes in their community.

If you want you can check online real estate websites to get information about sales trend going on in your local neighborhood. Here you can find sales prices for homes that are similar to yours in your community and the average time a particular house has stayed on the market for a particular price.

Gathering this type of information takes up a lot of time but it’s worth it because you wouldn’t want to overprice your house and discourage potential buyers.

You can also buy home appraisal before you put up your price so that you don’t get a pricing surprise when the buyers apply for a home lone after they are make a commitment with you.

If you really want to sell your house fast you should definitely put the selling price that is about 5% low as compared to other houses in your area. This way you will definitely attract more buyers.

Are you ready to work with the buyer’s agent?

Although you want to sell your house owner, you cannot control the buyer’s decision to involve an agent. And if the buyer is using an agent it is important that you make a deal with the agent offering him/her about 4% of the entire sales price because if you are a seller and you are not willing to cooperate with the buyer’s agent or you don’t offer them any incentive then you will definitely shrink your pool of potential buyers as the agents will be more interested in showing their buyers homes where they are getting incentives from.

Will you be able to bear people criticizing your home?

Although an emotional aspect, this cannot be overlooked while you are planning to sell your house owner. People will definitely come in and take a look around your house and often criticize the way it’s built, the placement of certain objects or just about anything they find objectionable according to their taste.

It is very important that you have an objective view of your house’s value when you are planning to sell it as it will make it easier for you to sell your home.

Will you be able to take charge of the sale processes and marketing responsibilities?

The sales and marketing processes are very hassling when you want to sell your house owner. It is important that your house is always ready to be on display when you are planning to sell it. You’ll have to prepare your house for the potential buyers who can walk in any time of the day for a tour.

The next thing is to be ready for the marketing processes. You need to take good photos of your house and put them online at free classifieds with effective descriptions. You can use your social network to market your property. You can also list the property in a number of free and premium classified ads and real estate websites so that your house is viewed by their audience and you can get potential buyers.

Because you will be selling your house without a real estate agent you will not be able to get your house listed in the multiple listing services therefore it’s important that you market your house well even if you are doing it yourself.

Can you screen potential buyers?

You need to be able to screen buyers even if you seem pushy doing it. It is important that the person you are negotiating the deal with is able to pay for the purchase before you get the papers made. Getting a mortgage is very difficult these days because the bar has been set very high and therefore you need to be sure of the history of the buyer before you make the agreement. Perhaps you request a letter from a credible lender before you accept anyone’s offer.

Once you’ve answered these questions and you believe you want to learn about how to sell your house yourself, here are a few steps how to sell your house without a realtor and how to do it fast.


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How To Sell Your House Owner Without a Realtor




  1. Put A Price That Will Attract Buyers

It’s important that you always price your house to sell it. You should price the house competitively so that you can attract potential buyers and get the house off the market fast. The key trick of how to sell your house fast is to do so with a competitive price.

  1. Get Flat Fee Listing For Your House On The Multiple Listing Service

Of course it’s impossible to attract potential buyers without having a reputable listing for your home. The MLS is where you will find the most comprehensive lists of real estate and therefore the most important step regarding how to sell your house by owner for cash is to have your house listed there so that potential buyers can get an official listing.

  1. Market Your Home Well

Although you’ll be getting a listing on the MLS, it is still important that you market your house well. Put up the For Sale sign and create brochures to hand out in the neighborhood to attract more buyers. Also use your social media to reach people you know to market your house properly. The secret of how to sell your house fast is to market it well. Perhaps you can use premium classifieds. This way you will be able to sell your house for cash and that too at a fraction of the cost you would’ve paid the agent.

  1. Know Your Property’s Strengths

It is important that you know the strength of your property before you put it up for sale. A good description is what will get people inspired to come and check out the property. Make sure you market the strengths well while you are writing descriptions for the websites you’re putting up your house on.  Take good photographs that depict the strength of your home, know specific details so that you can influence buyers by explaining them in great detail and easily sell your house owner.

  1. Conduct An Open House

This is one of the best ways to let people know you have a property open for sale.  You can use your social network and classifieds online to advertise your open house. Serve the attendees with some light refreshment and let them tour your house. Also make brochures highlighting the strengths of your house so that visitors coming in can have a look or even take them along when they leave. Perhaps in your open house you can put up the owner contract as well to let the attendees know about your terms and conditions regarding the sale. If you don’t know how to write an owner’s contract, check out the internet for how to sell a house by owner contract and begin with the process.

  1. Keep Your House Ready

Presentation matters a lot and therefore it is necessary that you keep your house ready at all times so that the visitors coming in for tours can see what the house is all about. You can rearrange the furniture to create more space so that the house looks open and airy. Maintain the house, clean what needs to be clean and stash what’s not needed out of sight. The end result should be a home that is presentable and not personalized at all.

These how to sell house by owner steps will enable you to sell your house fast and do so effectively without an agent. The percentage that you would be paying your agent is a very big sum. For a fraction of that sum you can sell your house with a little tweak here and there. Be prepared to make arrangement and carry out some research and you’ll be able to sell your house yourself without any problems at all.

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