Private Home Owner Sales Tips

Private Home Owner Sales TipsPrivate Home Owner Sales Tips

Selling your home privately is not as simple as you may think. There are a wide variety of factors that can result in a lengthy, complicated process. Taking the following private home owner sales tips into consideration however can lead to a quick and convenient home sale:

1. The Price

If the price is right, you will attract more potential buyers. Get a free property valuation from one of your real estate agencies and make sure the the estimate is relevant to the area you live in as well as the current market economy. However, this is probably not the price at which you would like to list the property at.

We all want to maximize our profits when selling out home so you can add a small amount to your listing price. This will also give you room to negotiate with potential buyers. However, the keyword here is small. If you raise the valuation price too high, you will simply repel buyers.

2. The Property

You need to ensure that your home and property are in good order for viewing purposes. Paint where needed and make any repairs that may be necessary. The quickest way to turn a buyer away is to show them a house that needs work. Extensive renovations and remodeling are not necessary and will just eat into your profits.

You may also need to provide a building inspection certificate, electrical certificate and plumbing compliance certificate to potential buyers. These certificates are not expensive to obtain unless there is something critically wrong with the structure, electrics or plumbing. You will need to make any repairs suggested by an inspector before listing the property or inform a buyer of the existing problems.

3. Property Listing

The way in which you market and advertise the property will determine the amount and the quality of the buyers that you attract. Start with advertising your home in the property section or your local newspapers and magazines. Go online and list the property on as many free buy-and-sell sites as possible to give you national and even international exposure.

Keep your wording simple including only the essential aspects of the home and most attractive features. Be careful of using certain terms like ‘as is’ or ‘quaint’ and ‘homely’. This can give a potential buyer the wrong idea and discourage them from taking steps to view the property. Include external and internal images of the home.

We hope that these private home owner sales tips were of value to you. If you need a quick home owner sale contact us for an all cash offer.

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