Full Service Real Estate Investment Company Vs Real Estate Agent

Full Service Real Estate Investment Company Vs Real Estate AgentA Real Estate Investment Company usually has no agent commissions.

With new things to see and people to meet, moving can be a fun adventure. From decorating your new home to new local flavor waiting to be experienced, excitement for new possibilities abounds. But with any great adventure, there are tasks involved that seem more like work than fun. While looking at available real estate and imagining your new home might fall under the category of fun, the process of finalizing your choice can seem like tedious work. And that’s after you decide how you’re going to buy. Most likely, the real estate company you’ll choose will be either a real estate agency or a full service real estate investment company.

To most buyers and sellers, trying to find the differences between Real Estate Agents and Full Service Real Estate Investment companies can be confusing and overwhelming. While most are familiar with real estate agents, full service real estate Investment companies shouldn’t be written off simply because they are unfamiliar. When in the middle of a move, the last thing a home buyer or seller wants is more to think about. But spending the time to investigate the differences could be of benefit in the long run.

For Sellers:
A real estate agent walks you through the process of getting your house sold which can be an untold length of time and effort.
A full service real estate investment company buys your house, tells you to have a wonderful day, and you get on with your new journey.

Full service real estate investment companies want to buy your home right away. They will use local connections with contractors to repair the house for prices lower than you would be able to find on your own. While you could do the repairs yourself and sell through a Realtor®, you will probably end up paying more for the repairs in order to sell your house for not much more. Furthermore, real estate agents will then list your house, which is still your responsibility, until a buyer finds it. A contract will then be drawn up, one where the buyer can ask for more work to be done on the house before they purchase it. Any mortgage payments are still your requirement during this time. And there is no telling when this loose end will be tied up.

With a real estate company like ours, your house could be purchased in a week. This, of course, would take a burden off your mind leaving you to enjoy the adventure moving always provides.

For Buyers:
A real estate agent walks you through the process of buying a home from another person.
A full service real estate investment company sells you a lovely house and hands you the deed.

Using a real estate agent can make buying a home an arduous process. After searching for your home, the process of negotiating with the home owner through the real estate agent begins. Contracts begin, deciding what work needs to be done before the purchase, getting the home owner to agree with those work orders, the execution of those work orders which take place before you buy, and so on. Such repairs on the house are typically done beforehand with a full service real estate investment company and thus delays need not occur when you are looking at the homes they have to offer.

A real estate company such as ours can get you into your home in 30 days with their lease to own plans. As the investment company is the homeowner, they are able to rent you the property until you pay the price of the home. Their ability to do so means that you can own a home even if you are unable to get a loan from the bank!

Also this kind of real estate company, owning the home themselves, are able to discuss any addition work that needs to be done right there and paperwork can be handed over, signed, and returned across a table rather than fax. This enables you to find yourself in a new home even sooner!
Furthermore, a full service real estate investment company tends to be local real estate company. Being local and owning the properties they’re selling means they have an opportunity to become intimate with the details of the property in which you’re interested. They know the neighborhoods and the school systems. They know the value of the homes in the area and the trends in those numbers over time. They know the house, what’s been worked on recently and what might need doing in the next 5 years.  Work with the best real estate investment company in Florida, contact us now and let us show how easy the process can be.

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