Sell House Quickly Florida-FAQ- Easy Process To Sell My House Fast?

Sell House Quickly Florida-FAQ- Easy Process To Sell My House Fast?Sell house quickly Florida-FAQ- What’s the process to sell my house fast?

It’s very simple to sell your house quickly with HomeSolutionsFla. All you have to do is fill out a form with all the necessary information about your house and one of our agents will contact you. They will usually reach out to you within 24 hours. Sometimes our representatives will need more information and will ask you a couple of additional questions about your property and your current mortgage status.

When everything is collected and looked over. One of our representatives will contact you first to set up an appointment with you to stop by and visit the house. They will research your property and discuss all the extra details with you. Once done, they will make you an offer right over the phone or give you one right there on the spot to help sell house quickly.

When you get a hold of one of our reps, we encourage you to talk to them and really get a feel for what we do. Please ask us as many questions as possible. Sometimes selling a house can be really complicated and confusing and we just want to help guide you through the process with ease and as little stress as possible.

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Our applicants often have many questions to ask, which is why we have this FAQ, but sometimes not all of their questions have been answered or they might still be confused about a certain topic. Our company representative will be more than glad to clear the air for you and help you develop a better understand as to how we can help you…Just don’t be afraid to ask!

Sell House Quickly Florida FAQ -Do I have to sell my house if I fill out your form?

Nope! You are not obligated to sell your house by giving us information about the property. You are never obligated to sell your house until you sign a contract to do so. So that be said always read and understand what you agree to by signing a document or contract. Whenever you fill out our form, we just review it, take a look at the property, make you an offer, and then see from there how we can help you at no charge to you. It is absolutely your choice to accept or deny any offer we make to you. We will explain in detail whatever offer we make and why or shat conditions produced our offer. We make cash offers on properties AS IS!  

Sell House Quickly Florida FAQ- Any extra costs involved with your company?

Nope! What you see is what you get. We buy and we sell houses South Florida, so there’s no reason for us to try and squeeze a little bit of extra money out of you. It just doesn’t seem fair to us. All you have to do is come to us and tell us what you require to sell your house fast. We will figure out the best way we can accommodate what you need. We’ll come in, take a look at the property, and then make you an offer. It is just that simple. All of our customers have had pleasant experiences with us and they know that we’re not here to rip them off in any way. We want the best for the good people that come by our door and we always have well wishes for them the moment they leave.

Sell House Quickly Florida FAQ – Can I get a market value offer for my home?

 Yes – This kind of answer really relies on the type of home you’re in and how much you might owe the bank. It also greatly depends on the individual situation. However, we do have a process on how much we should offer and why.

 When you’re about to sell your home, we will inspect the overall condition of your house. This usually means we will look at the estimated retail value, subtract what it would cost to renovate it and make it look brand new again, and then make a fair offer to pay for it in cash.

If there are extra costs involved into making your house look 100% brand new, then yes, our offer will be a bit lower than market value. In most cases, none of the houses presented to us can be sold without a few minor changes. However, there have been cases where we have offered many of our customer’s market value for their homes because they have been in fantastic condition or were recently renovated.

Sell House Quickly Florida FAQ – How long does it take to close?

The honest answer, it all depends on you. We close within 7-21 days on average, but it can sometimes be much longer depending on the person’s situation and how fast they can get us all the information we require. As we sell houses in South Florida, we’re pretty use to the buying and selling process. 14 days is about the average of what we deal with. We know things can come up that become really inconvenient for the seller, which is why we try to understand and be flexible with the other person’s situation. There are cases where we may have to bring a delinquent mortgage up to date to stop a foreclosure before we can close on a property. We treat each situation as unique and strive to create a win / win outcome.

Sell House Quickly Florida FAQ-Is my information kept confidential?

Yes. This is something that we pride ourselves in. We hate third party spam just as much as you and it just doesn’t make sense to bring more grief on to our clients and customers. We are helping them through an important life transition, and the last thing you need is someone else trying to sell something you don’t need to you. We just hate that. Everything you provide is locked away from prying eyes. It’s all 100% confidential, even if you just filled out a form with us and never gave us a cent; we still keep all that information hidden away. No excuses.

If you have any further questions, we are happy to answer them.  So don’ t delay any longer, contact us now!

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