Sell Your House Without A Realtor – Before You Have To Fire Your Realtor!

Sell Your House Without A Realtor ® Before You Have To Fire Your Realtor®!You Can Sell Your House Without a Realtor® Easily!

To sell your house without a Realtor® is easy if you do not have one or after your listing agreement is cancelled or expired. Have you ever been fed up or disappointed with your Realtor® and just wanted fire him or her?  In most cases, getting rid of your Realtor® costs you a small penalty fee.  However, you must read the termination clause in your listing agreement before trying to fire your Realtor®.  It is even better for you to have a lawyer go through the agreement.  If your Realtor® is difficult with you, you may also go to your state’s Board of Realtors®.

In order to fire your Realtor® and sell your house without a Realtor®, you will likely need a certified letter.  The letter must go to the Realtor® as well as his broker.  Depending on the state, there may be more requirements to ensure that both sides are legally bound.  Your Realtor® will likely ask why he is being fired.  You may simply reply with, “It isn’t working out with you.”  Realtors® will go to great lengths to avoid being let go.  So before you can sell your house without a Realtor® you need to make sure your written agreement is null and void.

If during the listing period you acquire a buyer, you do not want to fire your Realtor® to get out of paying the commission.  The Realtor® can take you to court and likely sue you and win.  A stunt as such would be the equivalent of telling your prospective buyer to wait until the listing agreement ends so that he or she can buy your property at a lower price.  You do not know who your prospective buyer is, so be careful and treat people right. If we buy your house we always pays necessary Realtor® commissions if they are still on the listing agreement.

When you sign your listing agreement, you may not fully understand the process of using a Realtor® to sell your property.  An overzealous Realtor® may give you a false value for your property in order to excite you and land the contract.  There is a term for this practice.  It is called, “buying the listing.”  This is very damaging to homeowners.  A homeowner’s property gets listed, but it does not actually sell.  It just sits and remains on the market. Usually you  realize too late that you wanted to sell your house without a Realtor® and you already signed the listing agreement.

A Realtor® does not actually sell a home. Instead, a Realtor® sells a listing to a person who owns a home.  The Realtor® who has the greatest amount of listings is the Realtor® who has the most listings sold, and those listings are actually sold by other Realtors®. In reality, one Realtor® only sells around 5% of what he or she actually lists for sale. However, Realtors® do receive money for about 65% of the homes they list because the listings get sold by other Realtors®.  Frequently, prosperous agents get fired because all they sell are listings, not actual properties.

In the event that you decide to get a different Realtor®, you will lose your MLS® listing.  This is because you will not be represented by the seller’s broker anymore.  If you would prefer to not use a full service agent, you may opt for a flat-fee MLS® agent.  This will allow you to save half, or even more of the commission.  One great benefit of changing to the flat-fee listing agent is that once you have a new MLS® listing, your days on the market start over from zero.  This makes it look as though your property is fresh on the market.

You can avoid all the drama.  Let us show you the actual fair market value of your home.  We can list all the active comparable sales in your area and make you our sell your house fast offer. You are not obligated to sell us. In fact we give you time to decide.  Just fill out the request with your name and information and we will get back to you very quickly, You can also call us at 561-370-8335. Sell your house without a Realtor® quickly and save that commission as well as the headaches involved showing your house over and over again.

If you move forward and use a Realtor® to sell your home, you should do your homework and check out at least five so you know the differences in what they all offer.  You should examine the advertising packages each Realtor® offers.  Make note of the Realtor’s® experience and how many personal sales he or she has made.  You can do a lot of marketing yourself, including listing your property in magazines, on®, and you can put a sign in your yard.  The Realtor® you obtain must be able to perform much better than that.  If a situation arises where a Realtor® comes to you with a buyer and will not show your home, offer to do a single listing agreement with the Realtor®.

Make sure you have your lawyer go over the cancellation clause with you and do this long before you sign an agreement with a Realtor®.  This can really save you a fortune later on if things do not work out with your Realtor®.

To ensure the best outcome, keep in touch with your Realtor®.  If for some reason you become unhappy with him, you need to let him know why.  If he does not listen to you, or respond, you have a problem.  If he does not respond to a request for an open house, you need to terminate him right away.  In case you do end up firing your Realtor®, make sure you get either a signed release or a cancellation letter.  These documents ensure that you are able to sell your home and you will not have to pay a double commission for it in the end.

If you want to bypass all the drama, contact us now and let us make you a fair no obligation cash offer.

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