Why Sell Your Home Yourself?

Why Sell Your Home Yourself?Why Sell Your Home Yourself?

Thinking of selling your home yourself? When it comes to selling your home, things can seem like some odd ritual that no mere mortal can understand. Quite frankly, real estate agents and mortgage brokers tend to rely on that, and work as hard as they can to support that idea. After all, if selling a home seems difficult, they can charge that much more for their services.

The real truth is that selling your own home is not as difficult as it might seem. There are a huge number of details you’ll have to pay attention to, naturally. You will have to figure out a number of different things before you sign off on any paperwork. But these are things that a person can learn if they’re willing to pay attention and then sell your home yourself. There are a huge number of things that a real estate agent might do that aren’t even that complicated. Many of them don’t involve understanding law and contracts at all! If your going to sell your home yourself consider an all cash offer and avoid a lot of these unforeseen headaches that might come your way.

If you’re going to sell your home yourself, the first thing you have to do is understand the market. Take a few days to find out how much your home is actually worth, by comparing it to the worth of other homes in the area. Then, make sure you pay attention to how much homes actually sell for in your area. Just because a house is listed as being worth a certain amount doesn’t mean that houses are actually selling at that amount. As in all things, the worth of a thing on paper is not the same thing as how much people are actually willing to pay for that thing.

Once you know that, take some time to figure out what you might need to do to get your home presentable for sale. Have a neighbor walk through the home as if they’re considering buying it. Look for anything in disrepair, anything that makes the home look less valuable, and anything that can be added to increase the value. Do you have an electrical outlet that hasn’t been working? A light fixture that needs to be replaced? Is there a crack in the kitchen counter? These are all things that should be repaired before you try to sell.

Once you do those two things, you can set your price. A great tip is to set your price a little bit under a whole, round number. For example, don’t set your home for sale at $180,000. People will see that and think it’s a lot of money! Instead, try setting it at $178,900. It’s not that much cheaper, but people will read it as being less expensive. There are marketing studies proving this fact.

Lastly, hire a lawyer to go over any other contract details. You may be able to negotiate your own prices and figure out what to sign where, but you’ll be happy you paid for a lawyer to double check. That way, you can make sure everything is on the up and up, and nothing gets lost or messed up while you’re trying to file all the paperwork.

Then again, why sell your home yourself the old hard way when you could have all cash offer very quickly. Just call us at 561-370 8335 to discuss your home selling needs.

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